Types of Coffee Drinks

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. It has become a part life for many people today, especially those in the corporate world. Over the last couple of decades, we have seen a huge boom in the market as coffee shops double up as both places to socialize and places to stock up on caffeinated beverages. In the past, coffee meant either ground or instant coffee made conventionally on an espresso machine. Just like in the fantastic world of cocktails, there numerous types of coffee drinks you can find at your favorite coffee shop today. Although all these types have ground coffee beans and water as the main ingredients, the different ways in which this coffee is brewed and prepared is what makes the numerous choices available. Here are some of the most common types of coffee drinks available in coffee shops today:


With its name springing fr7561440544_bd6ffea94aom its origin in Italy, Espresso is the base for quite a variety of coffee drinks. Espresso in its pure form is more popular in Europe than America. This coffee drink uses fine coffee ground on different blends to create a bold and not bitter flavor. It is a strong dark roast coffee packed in special filters with water expressed through it under pressure. Espresso is just concentrated coffee that is a bit stronger in taste and aroma compared to filtered coffee. The drink also has unique flavors to it and can range from very dark, medium, and decaffeinated.

What makes this drink different from the other types is the way it is extracted from the beans. Hot, but not boiling water id pressurized and forced through ground coffee resulting in a more concentrated form of coffee. Because of the concentration, espresso is highly caffeinated. It is often served in small cups and consumed promptly after extraction in various types of servings such as ristretto, single shot, double shot, and lungo.


Deriving its name from its origin in America, this is a perfect beginner coffee and most similar to the one we make at home. Americano, also known as “long black” is simply an espresso diluted with hot water giving it a milder flavor. It uses less roasted coffee beans, and its taste is similar to that of filtered coffee. A smooth coffee drink has a regular strength and is simple to make. Many people choose to add milk, but this is entirely down to preference.

The following types of coffee drinks are formed by adding milk in different variants of espresso to create unique coffee experiences.


It is one of the most popular coffee drinks in the world. It contains a scrumptious combination of coffee, milk foam, and steamed milk. The ratio in this combination is 1:1:1. The bottom third of the cup is espresso, followed by an equal amount of hot milk, and then topped with foamed milk. The milk is steamed through a high-pressure steam pipe on the espresso machine and is used to warm up the milk and to create stiff foam on the top. The foamed milk on top helps contain the heat of the coffee.

Cinnamon flaked chocolate and other spices are often sprinkled on the top, sometimes in an artistic form. Some people increase the quantity of milk to make the taste of coffee lighter. Dry cappuccino comes without any steamed milk, and with less foamed milk. It is less popular than the regular cappuccino.

Mocha (Mochaccino)

This coffee drink originated in Yemen and is typically made out of Mocha beans. Mocha beans are mainly grown in Yemen and Ethiopia and have a special chocolaty flavor. It is a blend of coffee, milk, and chocolate. Mocha is more like cappuccino served with less foam and often topped with chocolate powder or sauce. A dollop of milk foam is placed at the top of the drink, and sometimes it is topped with a little chocolate powder. Some people often prefer to add a teaspoon of sugar before drinking. Mochaccino is popular with those who do not want a too indulgent chocolate fix. Some coffee shops will add a chocolate syrup to the drink while others will add hot chocolate. Before drinking, you can add some sugar and stir to enjoy the full flavor of your drink.

Caffe Latte

The latte is one of the coffee drinks that are easy to prepare. It is prepared by adding a single shot of espresso and filling up the cup with steaming milk and can be topped with foam if preferred. Caffee Latte without the foam is known as Flat White. Caffe Latte is a milkier coffee drink and one of the more commonly ordered drinks on the high street. The ratio of milk to espresso 3:1 The drink has a sweet, mellow flavor and is quite popular in America. It has a few minor variations popularly known as Café Au Lait, or Café con Leche. These depend on whether the one’s coffee spirit is channeling French or Spanish.

So, which Coffee is best?

The availability of a wide variety of coffee drinks shows the popularity of coffee as a beverage. Pure varieties of coffee drinks have their charm. However, these great varieties of mixtures available today not only taste great but also contain less caffeine. Healthier ingredients can also be added to benefit even the most avid coffee drinkers.

Now that you are familiar with the different types of coffee drinks and have an idea of how each is distinct from the other, you will have an easier time ordering. In addition, you may have discovered a drink that sounds like something you may want to try. Which coffee is best will depend on your personal preference. The most important part of it all is to discover your favorite. Also, understand that the taste in coffee is subjective; some people like it strong while others cannot handle an ounce of bitterness. As such, you need to establish the kind of taste you enjoy so you can make a more informed decision.

You can experiment and enhance your coffee drinking experiences by adding cream, spices, sugar or other sweeteners. There are no limits as to how coffee lovers can make their drinks unique.

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