Review: Coffee Shops

Coffee is an enjoyable drink and coffee shops have learned to cash in on its alluring nature to build thriving businesses around them. This is evident judging by the number of coffee outlets and chains spread across cities and franchise stores in foreign countries. As demonstrated by these coffee shops, location does not matter so long as you have you a powerful brand of coffee to sell and willing buyers that trust in your products.

The quality of service, great ambiance, consistency, and diversity sets these coffee shops apart. Almost all of these highly successful coffeehouses have been in operation for decades with significant progress recorded in both their local area of operations and nationwide. This trend is then replicated in multiple countries as they commission franchise stores or additional outlets.

With several outlets to manage both locally and abroad, expansion programs are authorized centrally, but control is decentralized with little supervision and influence coming from headquarters. These coffee shops are re-known for their excellent coffee drinks, and the reasons are obvious. You would not go wrong with a cup of coffee comfortably seated down at any of these coffee shops mentioned below.


Starbucks has been in operation for the last four decades recording considerable growth over the years. They manage one of the largest coffee shop chains in the world, with over half of them located in the United States alone. For efficiency and safety reasons, they switched to automated espresso machines to prepare their coffee. Despite being known for their coffee, Starbucks also serves other hot and cold drinks, tea products and snacks. Seasonal offerings are also sold in their shops depending on store locations. They are also known to sell their branded products like ice cream and bottled cold coffee drinks from select grocery stores.

Costa Café

This is a British coffeehouse. It has an unmatched presence in the United Kingdom but is still second to Starbucks regarding worldwide operations. After starting as a family-run wholesale operation, it grew considerably to attain nationwide recognition before going global. Its expansion attracted the interest of Whitebread that now owns it as a subsidiary since 1995. A lot of its franchise operations are within or close to airports, Waterstone’s bookstores, hotels, pubs and some hospitals. Smaller outlets operate in business parks or various on-site businesses. Costa Café has a roaster of their own and their retail stores sell their brand of Mocha Italia.


Café Nero

Café Nero took ten years to expand worldwide after opening its doors to operations back in 1997. It is consistency in producing quality coffee has earned Café Nero many accolades over the years. However, coffee is not the only drink they sell as an iced latte, iced fruit drink, and Hot Chocolate Milano are also on their menu. In Addition to this, the outlet now sells its own Panini, soup dishes and pasta salads. Amazingly, customers can now earn a free drink (regardless of the cost) through a scheme that rewards each coffee purchase with a loyalty card stamped with ‘Nero Coffee Bean Logo’.

Caribou Café

It is a retail outlet specializing in coffee and espresso. Currently owned by a German company, they operate in 10 countries, this is other than their local outlets in 18 states within the United States. Caribou Café makes great coffee thanks to their self-made coffee blends and tea. Wheat products like sandwiches and other bakery goods are also on sale. The business replicates its servings in all its 476 coffeehouses, of which 273 are within the United States. Caribou was initially meant to operate five days a w eek to meet the demands of downtown office workers.

Dunkin Donuts

Despite the name, Dunkin Donuts is a company selling both doughnuts and coffee drinks. Its menu comprises a variety of hot and iced beverages, common baked goods as well as doughnuts and bagels. Its worldwide presence covers 36 countries with over 11, 300 restaurants. Customers visit Dunkin Donuts for their unique variety of donuts and other baked goods but coffee never misses in any orders made for the day. Interestingly, their restaurants do not have exclusive sales of donuts as only 8% of the total sales are of donuts, 65% of the sales are from drinks, and 27% makes for food items.

Gloria Jeans

This turned out to be a very successful franchise-based business. Out of the over 1,000 coffeehouses operating in over 39 countries, Gloria Jean’s operates a remarkable 460 coffeehouses in Australia alone. After starting as a small time coffee and gift shop back in 1979, it grew and expanded successfully over the years until the Retail Food Group bought it in 2014. They sell their version of Caffitaly capsule coffee machine including their brand of capsules. A number of the capsules are also sold at Woolworths Supermarkets.

Coffee shops that are super brands in their rights tend to maintain their original outlook regardless of where they are located. Brand recognition is one selling point that must be consistent as they boldly display it. Having franchise stores and outlets enable them to retain traveling customers and acquire new ones. These international outlets can then operate with some degree of autonomy based on local demands.

Coffee as a drink can be prepared in different variations. These variations make for what sells in these coffee shops. However, with international outlets, the quality of coffee seeds used depends on which countries the coffee shops are located. If uniformity cannot be maintained in all operating stores, then compromise is made so that they make do with what is available locally. However, this does not affect standards of operations and procedures, which stay intact for the greater good of the coffee shop’s image.

In conclusion, many coffee houses out there offer quality coffee drinks with a promise of something different from the rest, as they fight for your attention to register a sale from you. Your favorite coffee shop might just be situated right next to another powerful competitor. That notwithstanding, coffee should be of good quality regardless of where you are getting it from.

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