Have You Tried Coffee With ___________ ?

Putting cream, ice cream, butter or coconut oil into any food may not be a completely new concept but it may be new when putting them into coffee. In Asia to be precise Tibet, you may be offered coffee, where the ingredients of the coffee are black pepper, salt and butter.

Still in Asia, in Singapore, you may be offered coffee where the ingredients are low quality coffee beans that has been stir fried with butter before being filtered into your cup.

The motive and belief behind these coffee drinks is that they will offer you unlimited energy throughout the day especially coffee that has butter in it.

Let’s see how different types of coffee are like coffee with cream, ice cream, coconut oil, butter among other ingredients are made. Our research will definitely surprise you. Keep reading. Here is the list for you.

Butter – If you want to kick start your day full of energy then you should try this type of coffee that originates from Tibet. The belief behind it is that it will energizes your body during your daily activities. Wellness experts have come up with the original recipe and they have called it bulletproof coffee. The bulletproof coffee also has other ingredients hence butter isn’t the only ingredient. The inspiration behind the bulletproof tea is from the Tibetan yak butter tea. It was sometimes used as a replacement for breakfast.


Ice Cream – Now this is a sweet coffee. If you have woken up with a bad mood, I recommend that you try to take this type of coffee in the morning. Just imagine a scoop of creamy ice cream floating and dilly dallying on top of your coffee in the morning. It is usually taken as a desert drink. The Germans call this type of coffee Eiskaffee.

Coconut Milk – Tired of regular milk coffee? Why not try coconut milk coffee. It may be pleasant to some people but to those people who are adventurous why not try it out. It will provide you with an interesting and awesome alternative to regular milk. You can also mix it with a vanilla extract.

Vanilla Extract – Do want to sweeten your coffee without adding any sugar to it? Just add a few drops of vanilla extract to it. if you want a different taste to your vanilla coffee, you can also add almond extract.

Cream- If you want your coffee to have cream on it, then try making your coffee using milk directly gotten from a cow. Don’t use packaged milk of processed milk, just milk directly from a cow. The coffee you will have will contain a lot of cream.

Cardamom – Coffee from the Middle East. Cardamom will give your coffee an exotic flavor. If you love coffee but don’t like its stimulating effects of caffeine, then try taking coffee with cardamom as an ingredient. it has a medicinal property called Ayurvedic.

Cinnamon – If you are a sugar person and a regular cream person and a bit adventurous, you should try switching up your routine of taking coffee by adding cinnamon to your coffee.

This will help you save a few calories per cup hence you will be checking your sugar level and also checking on your weight. In the end, you will be healthy due to cutting on your sugar intake.

Cinnamon also boosts your immune system. This type of coffee is called Mexican drink café de olla.

Another type of coffee that contains many ingredients like coconut milk, MCT oil, butter and cream is called bulletproof coffee. It was a term coined by Asprey David.

Due to it providing energy during the day, many people have started to take as part of their rituals in the morning. People with Paleo diet are the people who use it most.

One ingredient that is peculiar and odd in bulletproof coffee is MCT oil, a common supplement and ingredient that is all and fully naturally from oils of coconut and palms that have been compressed.

Coffee with MCT oil works just like coffee that contains butter, it will provide you with energy for the full day. If you don’t like MCT oil you could use butter instead as they have same impact if interchanged.

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