Coffee Vs Tea

Coffee or tea? Most people believe that tea is more healthy compared to coffee. On the contrary, both are health beneficial since they contain antioxidants. Antioxidants are phytochemicals that aid in protecting tissues against oxidants. Coffee being the most consumed among the two beverages while tea falls in second.
Tea and coffee are healthy caloric-free beverages and they help in protection against various diseases. Tea is further divided into black and green tea, which is considered the healthier one among the two. Both add to nutritional value to your health since they are oxidants. Tea contains flavonoids while as coffee on the other hand contains quinines and chlorogenic acid as well as trigonelline which gives coffee its aroma.

Coffee vs tea caffeine content
Caffeine is a mild stimulant which affects brain activity and makes you hyperactive. It was first discovered in tea and the caffeine content in both beverages is closely similar. However, in tea it’s lower since it undergoes lower periods of processing unlike coffee and is more dilute. Tea also has higher antioxidants which lowers the caffeine effects in tea. Caffeine and L-theanine in tea help in reducing stress and brings about relaxation of the mind and body.
It is true that tea leaves contain more caffeine compared to coffee berries but the brewed products from the two, have reversed caffeine content. The amounts of caffeine in both beverages is dependent on several factors. This include roasting, grinding and brewing time. Intake of too much caffeine is not healthy, therefore if you consume more than 500gms a day, you should cut down.
Coffee and tea have their benefits as well as since coffee contains more caffeine it is considered a stronger stimulant and thus more effective. Caffeine effects on health related cases is neutral and doesn’t really cause all such trouble as presumed by people.
Coffee vs tea acidity
Coffee and tea both have effects on acidity which results to heartburns. This is the irritation of the esophagus or weakening of the lower esophagus sphincter which prevents backward flow of stomach contents that cause acidity. Caffeine is one of the substances that triggers acidity and is found in both tea and coffee. However, the amount in each is what determines how much effect it brings forward. Like earlier said, caffeine content in coffee is a bit higher and as much as it causes heartburns, it is not a definite cause of acidity. This could also be as a result of other substances found within coffee that lead to acidity issues.
As for tea, it’s also not clear how it causes acidity problems since not all tea drinkers suffer from acidity. In processing of tea, it does not undergo much of this process unlike coffee. Green tea contains less caffeine compared to black tea. There’s not a conclusive result that tea and coffee really do interfere with gastro-esophageal reflux but to be on the safe side, consume organic tea and coffee which have lower caffeine content and will still do justice to your body health.
Why is coffee better than tea?
A hot cup of tea is delicious but when it gets cold, can’t really say the same. On the other hand, coffee, whether hot or cold, it still retains its tasty qualities and that’s why most people prefer coffee to tea. It also comes in a variety of flavors and you can enjoy wide ranges of coffee-based drinks such as latte, Frappuccino, etc. however you would like. It is also possible to do latte art on coffee and still taste brilliant.
Medically, both are known to prevent type 2 diabetes and heart diseases and help in protecting cells against free radicals that may result to cancer related health issues. It also helps you in the morning to start up as well as be energetic and it rejuvenates your body and mind while tea is more like a relaxer. It is also known to reduce stress and chances of developing depression which often leads to suicidal thoughts and is a good weight loss drink to add onto your diet. Whether tea or coffee, both are health beneficial, but we can say coffee beats tea since it is a more effective stimulant.

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